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Bridge to the Gods: Tales from Kyushu
When Europeans first visited Japan in the early 1500s it was the large island of Kyushu where they made landfall and began meeting both ordinary fishermen and farmers as well as the samurai and their lords. Kyushu was the gateway into Japan.

Yet Kyushu was more than just an entry point for Europeans. It was the stepping stone for prehistoric migrants to Japan who came from the Mongolian steppes and other parts of Asia. It was also the gateway for Chinese culture, tea, and rice cultivation.

A few years ago, Andrew Peter Thomson settled in Kyushu alone and began to explore. He found a host of things that elude the casual visitor - Christian samurai, Japan's first ancient rice field, its first tea bushes, yakuza gangsters, and where James Bond cleverly disguised himself as a Japanese fisherman.

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Joe Darling: Cricketer, Farmer, Politician and Family Man
The first batsman to hit a six in Test cricket, Joe Darling was one of the giant figures of cricket's Golden Era, best remembered as a record-breaking batsman and outstanding leader of men.

Captain of three Ashes tours to England in 1899, 1902 and 1905, he guided Australian cricket through its coming of age.

Larger than life, Joe Darling, by his discipline and democratic approach was admired by all cricketers who served under or played against him.

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Beyond Stroke

We live in a two-handed world. Following a stroke or limb injury the transition from managing life with two hands to surviving with one can seem almost impossible.

This handbook provides step-by-step instructions for practical everyday life tasks and recreational activities. The easy tools provided are simple to implement with the primary aim to live once again with confidence and independence in the real world.

Beyond Stroke: Living independently with one arm is an essential guide for anyone overcoming a stroke, people with shoulder, arm or hand injury and pain, carers, health professionals and community groups.

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When a child has a brain tumour there are many challenges. The child and the family need to manage the medical care and treatment of the illness, to understand what is happening and be confident and positive. Constant questions for parents are:
  • How can I help my child understand what is happening?
  • How can I help my child cope with this?

These questions began an association of parents and staff at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, which became The Children's Brain Tumour Storybook Project. The three storybooks are the result.

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Sport in Victoria - A History

This book, the result of contributions from a wide range of sports writers, players, officials and historians, relates the fascinating history of more than 100 sports played in Victoria since the 1830s.

It also covers the important events, venues, clubs and leagues which characterise our sporting culture.

Published under the auspices of the Australian Society for Sports History and edited by Dave Nadel and Graeme Ryan, this book is ideal for your collection, as a prize or gift.

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Australian Art: A History

This magnificent book of 583 pages commences with ancient Aboriginal art and the early colonists' interpretations of their surroundings.

It discusses the formation of an Australian identity through art, the shock of early modernism and the notorious Heide circle.

It finishes with the recognition of modern indigenous, and contemporary Australian art, and their place in the world.

A major emphasis is placed on the past fifty years, when both indigenous and non-indigenous Australian art have received widespread international acclaim.

All major expressions of visual culture in Australia including painting, sculpture, graphic arts, photography, applied arts, installation art and digital art are addressed.

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Something Amazing

A little snail and a great blue whale are united by curious wonder, wholehearted trust, adventure and the waves of the wild blue sea.

Lovingly crafted, this inspiring story filled with gratitude for friendship, sails joyously from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean.

It celebrates a special connection between two unlikely friends.

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Elephant Kitten

This delightful, beautifully illustrated book for children aged 4 to 7 years encourages positivity by dealing with disappointments and creating happy outcomes in a gentle, loving way.

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Art of Australia

In this brilliant history of Australian art, John McDonald, the highly-regarded art critic of the Sydney Morning Herald, takes us from the times of pre-history, settlement and exploration, to the end of the colonial era.

McDonald reassesses the reputations of many leading artists, and links their achievements with the broader patterns of social history and ideas in Australia.

Along with in-depth discussions, the narrative abounds with characters and anecdotes from the era of the First Fleet to that of the Australian Impressionists.

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Our Legends
This book captures the life stories of 42 outstanding Australian individuals, of the struggles they endured, as well as the special combination of brilliance and hard work that elevated each of them to Legend status.

It also creates a picture of Australia's emergence on the world stage across many fields of endeavour. This is a fascinating collection of biographical essays about our Australian Legends.

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First & Only Women
This important book provides a fascinating account of history's most inspiring women. It presents many of the world’s most amazing women who, despite seemingly impossible odds took charge of their own destinies and changed the course of history.
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Women who changed the world
This important book is a celebration of the achievements of womankind. It honours 50 amazing women and the enduring impact they have on our lives.
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A Ton of Cryptics
100 Top-Grade Cryptic Crosswords by Australia's foremost setter of cryptics, Noel Jessop. This long overdue book explains the anatomy of cryptic crossword clues, how they are solved and includes 100 never-before-published puzzles with solutions.
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Anya- Countess of Adelaide
The lines of demarcation between fact, fiction and faction are no longer as clear-cut as once thought. Agnes (Anya) Rasp, wife of the man who discovered the fabulous silver-rich lodes of Broken Hill, is the victim of a false and malicious story.
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The Great Laurie Nash
The Great Laurie Nash played Australian Football and Cricket at the highest levels. This book, written by one of Australia's foremost sporting historians, takes us from the early years in Melbourne and Launceston to lakeside South Melbourne and beyond.
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Mezze (mee-zay) Little bites of flying, living and golfing
Oliver Green has lead an extraordinary life and witnessed many of the tumultuous events that have shaped the 20th century. This autobiography, written as he approached his 79th birthday, looks back on a distinguished career with the Royal Air Force as a fighter pilot in WWII, a prisoner of war for nearly four years after being shot down in North Africa, commanding strategic air bases around the world and serving as Britain's military representative to NATO. He first flew in an aircraft made from wood and fabric and broke the sound barrier in a sub-sonic Hawker Hunter.
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Dark Forces
Are heroes born... Or made? From the icy chill of a stormy, snow-capped mountain, through the humid heat of an Australian summer, to the thick red dust of the arid, desolate outback, three teenage boys confront the dark forces of blizzard, drugs and international terrorism. During six turbulent months, their lives and relationships will change forever.
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