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Beginning Teachers' Companion

Written for those starting their teaching careers, the Beginning Teachers' Companion Second Edition explores the vital areas for successful induction into the classroom and the profession.

  • Answering the fundamental question.
    Why are your students going to be better off because you are their teacher?
  • Good teacher or good teaching.
    Understand the importance of teaching practice in making a real difference.
  • Creating the quality learning environment.
    What should you be considering when you enter your first classroom?
  • Your teaching and learning methodology.
    Understand the importance of developing your personal pedagogy. Introducing a thinking skill framework.

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    Innovative Students' Companion

    The Innovative Students' Companion has been developed to make a real difference for all your students, especially those entering Year 7.

    This comprehensive handbook will assist your students to effectively approach and complete assessment tasks. It complements and aligns with the Innovative Teachers' Companion to ensure a whole-school approach to thinking and learning.

    From exams to assignments, your students now have a trusted companion to enhance their ability to think critically and creatively, effectively plan responses and execute written or spoken assessment tasks.

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    Thinkers Keys Digital
    Welcome to an exciting framework for the teaching of thinking.

    Thinkers Keys are twenty powerful strategies (placed in two general groups) for generating quality thinking in all learning situations.

    1. Critical/Organisational (the purple ones). To get organised, these are the Keys for you. They encourage you to do your research, to evaluate your information, and to place any necessary tasks into action.

    2. Creative (the orange ones). When you want to generate new ideas or develop some different perspectives on an issue, then these Keys will help you. They challenge you to think very differently.

    Most learning experiences will require a combination of both.
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    Thinkers Keys Cards
    This is the 3rd generation of the Thinkers Keys series. Based on a powerful pack of 20 cards for teachers and students to organise and stimulate thinking in all learning experiences.

    Highly practical, generating intellectual quality in young people, with a focus on critical and creative thinking processes.

  • A pack of 20 A5 Thinkers Keys cards with a large icon on the front of each; and a clear description of the Thinkers Key on the back.
  • A 16-page booklet with a series of suggestions for implementation, plus some organisational frameworks and a Thinksheet for use by students in their daily learning experiences.
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  • Picture Magic
    Picture Magic book and CD uses engaging photographs across the curriculum to spark and deepen children's thinking. It outlines thinking frameworks including Tony Ryan’s Thinkers Keys, Bloom's Revised Taxonomy and Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences.

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