A Ton of Cryptics
100 Top-Grade Cryptic Crosswords

by Noel Jessop
ISBN: 1-876498-04-8
Price: AUS $13.15, US $14.95, plus postage & handling

This long overdue book explains the anatomy of cryptic crossword clues, how they are solved and includes 100 never-before-published puzzles with solutions. Compiled with both beginner and expert in mind, this book provides opportunities to acquire, improve and master the skills needed to enjoy the challenge of cryptics.

Noel Jessop has been the doyen of puzzle setters over many years for numerous newspapers and magazines in Australia and New Zealand. In this, his second book, he examines the possible reasons for frustration caused by some crosswords, explains "how to do" and provides puzzlers, old and new, with the benefit of his experience and skills.

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